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Welcome to MURGIN.com!


Murgin is a web design company based in Northville, Michigan.  We specialize in all aspects of web design and development.  Did you know on average 75% of your web site traffic is coming from a mobile device?  Your web site needs to be responsive and look perfect on any device.  We can help!




Rockstar is an 80s Tribute band in the Detroit area. They needed a web site to help show off their show dates, and keep in touch with fans. Check them out at a venue near you!

Roseys Romper Room

Roseys Romper Room

Tattoo-FX is the home of tattoo artist Jess Cavosz. He is an award winning artist and also creates and sells tattooable silicone products.



Immortal Masks is a silicone mask company located in California.  We were able to provide Immortal with a whole new site design, and a full e-commerce solution.
Their online sales have since grown by 300%!



Web design is just as much about your business as it is about your client base.  Who are you targeting?  What does that group gravitate towards?  What do you want them to feel when they come to your site?  At Murgin we take all of this into account when we find the right concept for you.


Whether you have a tangible product, or something virtual we can create an e-commerce solution for your business.  We use CMS software to give you full power of your store long after we finish the project.  We live in a world that depends on online shopping.  Is your business taking advantage?


Aside from online marketing the second most important avenue is print.  Whether your business needs coupons, full page advertisements, catalogs, or anything else in print form; Murgin can help!

Murgin has been with us for years now and with them we have achieved 300% growth in our online store!  They are perfect to deal with and look forward to working together in the future!

– George Frangadakis – IMMORTAL MASKS Co-Owner
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