E-COMMERCE is essentially the ability to sell products online via a web site or application. We provide large scale e-commerce solutions, or even small one item stores for your business. We are proficient with both merchant setups, and simple setups using PayPal.


The visitors to your web site are coming from all sorts of devices. Phones, Tablets, Laptops, and even Gaming systems. Responsive design allows the web site to adjust and fit the device without losing content. Responsive design is crucial in todays mobile world.


We offer many solutions for web design including using premade templates we can modify to fit your company, or doing full design from scratch sites. Every clients needs are different and we are happy to be fluid with what we offer to meet any demand.


SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is crucial to an online company. We offer services to improve current SEO, or even start a new site from scratch and set the path in place. We know all the ways to get your site ranked properly and to its highest potential.


Social media is currently one of the best ways to market due to its low cost and "viral" abilities. If you're company is not setup with a proper social media setup, and using it to market you are missing out on a large potential of customers. Let us help.


In the current market APPs are becoming almost second nature with any business in the virtual space. We can develop APPs for iOS, and android devices. From original concept, to wire framing, to a final product we can take care of everything.


A CMS is a content management system and the most widely used is Wordpress. Others are Drupal, Joomla, and many others. We can design around any CMS and even set it up for you. A CMS is crucial for future updates without a developer involved. It gives you full control. If you are currently having to pay for updates on your site, you need a CMS.

Custom Software

Using php and mySQL we are capable of editing existing web based software scripts, or creating new ones from just your ideas. A database is used to store data and the php script side allows you to edit and add to the database on the fly.

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